Above: ​The pitaya bowl from Trailside Cafe in Yorktown Heights is low-calorie and full of fiber, iron, and vitamins. 
Photo by Andre Baranowski, food styling & props by Chef Kersti Bowser

Use this guide — full of advice from local chefs and health experts — to reclaim your well-being by shopping, dining, and cooking your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

By Amy Sowder

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How to Embrace Functional Food

These superstar foods promote health and prevent disease.

Add Color to Your Plate With These Local Dishes

Our favorite feel-good restaurants have a shared menu aesthetic: colorful food. It’s no coincidence.

6 of Our Favorite Local Restaurant Salads

Be green with envy (or, you know, salad).

How to Schedule Meals Around a Workout

You’re hungry, but it’s also time to work out.

Bowl With It

For smoothies, poke, grains, tacos, and hey, entire four-part meals, we’re tossing the plate for this rockin’ vehicle that mixes it all up.

The Best and Worst Protein Bars, Ranked

From muscle builders to over-glorified candy bars, here's what you should be looking into.

Healthy Recipe: Miami-Style Shrimp Ceviche

Lesly Galiana, a friend of this article’s author, inspired this recipe.

Try These Tasty Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods

When you have a craving you suspect is less than good for you, complete denial isn’t always the answer.

Good Food Is Good Medicine

To cure what ails you, think about heading to the produce department rather than the pharmacy.*

Weighing the Pros and Cons of These Hot Diet Trends

Local expert Dr. Susan Blum breaks them down.

Here's What to Make With Avocados (Besides Guacamole)

It’s a healthy fat-filled star (or a budding fruit) we love for its creamy, satisfying decadence.

Amy Sowder is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor whose work has appeared in Bon Appétit, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, UpworthyChowhound, Brooklyn Magazine, and USA Today. She focuses her writing on fitness, health, and food from a wellness perspective. For more info on Amy, visit www.amysowder.com.