Student Q&A: Somers Sophomore Olivia Gasparro

A Westchester high school student who doesn’t use Facebook!

Olivia Gasparro, Somers | 10th Grade

What after-school activities do you participate in? I actually don’t participate in an after-school activity, which probably isn’t that good since that’s a big part of what they look for when you go to college.

So what do you do after school? I usually relax and go on my laptop, and, when it’s warm, take my skateboard out for a spin.

What are you good at? I think I’m pretty good at drawing and photography.

Are you on Facebook? I used to be, but I found it too distracting and a waste of time.

Were you Facebook friends with your parents? I was with my mom.

What school subject aren’t you crazy about? Math because, well, let’s just say I’m not that great at it. Math and I, yeah, we don’t get along very well.

And which one are you really into? Psychology, because I find it fascinating to learn all about how our brains work.

Have you ever been bullied? My friends have jokingly teased me, but I wouldn’t call that bullying, considering I took no offense to it and they didn’t mean it to offend me. So fortunately, no, I haven’t.

Have you ever bullied someone else? There have been times where I would talk about someone behind their back, I will admit, but that’s not necessarily surprising for a 15-year-old. So, other than that, I haven’t been a bully to anyone.

What’s the best thing about being a kid in Westchester? I like how it’s kind of quiet with lots of trees around.

And the worst? You could get bored pretty easily; there’s not much to do. 

What’s the biggest misconception about kids your age? That all we care about are our electronics and being on our computers, but, really, my friends and I like to have fun and be outside whenever we can.

What do you wish boys knew about girls? That not every single girl is the same.

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