Student Q&A: Mount Vernon Freshman Hunter Hollingsworth-Harris

A quirky high-schooler who wants to be mascot at Disneyland


Hunter Hollingsworth-Harris, Mount Vernon | 9th Grade

What do you wish girls knew about boys? They would know my name, where I live, my phone number, et cetera. They would know I am a great dancer and good at cooking.

What do you and your friends talk about when you are together? Video games and movies, favorite foods, and knock-knock jokes.

What are you good at? Bowling—I always get strikes and spares, and awards.

What is your favorite school subject? Math, because it is easy and interesting.

What was the best part of 8th grade? Going on field trips, because I got to experience something new. 

Have you ever been bullied? Nobody has ever bullied me. Everybody likes me.

Where do you hang out in Westchester? On weekends, I hang out at my brother’s friend’s house. The three of us have so much fun together.

What’s the best thing about being a kid in Westchester? You get to go on so many trips like Playland—they have so many fun rides and tasty foods. I like water rides.

What’s the best way to get kids to eat healthy? Limit their junk-food privileges.

What do your friends tease you about? My friends don’t tease me. Teasing is wrong. It could get you in trouble.

What’s the best way to keep kids from drinking and doing drugs? Tell an adult or other teacher. Call the police. Get the person that’s drinking or doing drugs arrested and thrown in jail.

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