Student Q&A: Bedford Seventh-Grader Ryan Magidson

An aspiring hockey player’s favorite subjects and hockey players


Ryan Magidson, Bedford | 7th Grade

What would you change about your school cafeteria’s menu?  The fact that kids can buy 10 cookies—cookies are unhealthy and students should be limited.

What’s your favorite food? Spicy sautéed calamari from Blue Dolphin Ristorante in Katonah.

What do you and your friends talk about when you are together? Sports. 

So, what sports do you play?  Hockey, skiing, baseball, and golf.

What things are you not so good at? Soccer and cleaning my room.

What school subject do you really enjoy? Math, because it is challenging.  

What are you most looking forward to this year? Foreign language. I enjoy Spanish class.

How should school handle bullying? We have been educated on bullying since elementary school—if you see something, say something. Our schools have done a great job teaching us what is bad and not acceptable and how to respect others who are different. 

Do you have a cellphone? Yes. I got a cellphone for my 11th birthday as I was going into middle school and my mom wanted to be able to communicate with me if I was staying after.

Who’s your idol? Rick Nash on the New York Rangers because it takes a lot to be a good hockey player and he has been playing since he was very young and stuck with it.

What type of place do you wish your town had for kids your age? A cool indoor pool. 

What’s the best thing about being a kid in Westchester? The people.

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