Pawfection: The 'Best Of Westchester'-Winning Pet Groomer

The Bedford Hills grooming shop that soars above the rest.


From cocktails to sushi to yoga, even as far as pet-grooming, we traveled far and wide to provide you, our beautiful readers, with our 350 'Best of Westchester' winners. In comes Pawfection, the winner of our "Best Pet Groomers" category—the place we recommend you bring your pretty little pets for a grooming. Meet them here (and oggle at the cute pooches), then check out the rest in our pets guide.

Pawfection: Best of Westchester 2013 from Today Media Inc on Vimeo.

And for trainers, veterinarians, and other places to service your little companion, visit our pet resources page.


Submit photos of your pets strollin' around town in our photo contest for consideration in our Neighborhoods section.

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