Jolo’s Kitchen: Eating Healthy in Westchester; PLUS: Taiim Falafel Shack and Mount Kisco’s New Little Spice Bazaar

New Israeli and Indian eateries make County dining nutritious and affordable

Jolo’s portobello with BBQ drumsticks and kale and cabbage - less than $20.

To be frank, the vast majority of cheap eats can be found at the tippity-top of the nutrition pyramid right there next to sticks of butter that you peel and eat like bananas. (Basically, you really shouldn’t eat anything at this level.) The restaurants below are achieving the near impossible: They’re proving that you can find delicious, nutritious food while sticking to your budget.

Jolo’s Kitchen 

vegan patties and a “Super Green” juice
Hands down, Jolo’s is one of our favorite New Rochelle restaurants. It’s a cheerful little nook slinging healthful and wholesome food that’s often highly spiced and always vegan. Expect to be seduced by mouthwatering aromas as soon as you step in the door. You’ll find plant-based versions of ribs and curries, which are, astonishingly, all made with meat-mimicking soy. (Entrées are just $14 and include choice of starch and veggies.) We stop into Jolo’s for freshly pressed Super Green juice (kale, lemon, green apple, cucumber, and celery; $7) whenever we’re feeling a little wan. You can also request ginger be blended in for an extra kick. Also great—the hot and spicy vegan patty, just $2.50 each. 
412 North Ave, New Rochelle, (914) 355-2527;

Taiim Falafel Shack 

falafel, hummus
Look for bustling lunches and takeout at this Hastings-on-Hudson “shack” that dares to sell authentic Israeli comfort food right in the heart of the River Towns. The falafels are hand-formed on a special falafel baller (which looks like an ice cream cone) from a mixture of crunchy/nutty soaked chickpeas liberally studded with scallions. After deep-frying, the golden spheres are loaded onto a warm pita with tons of creamy tahini sauce and a scattering of punk-rock-pink house-pickled turnips. This is our idea of vegetarian, and it costs all of 6 bucks.
598 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, (914) 478-0006;

Little Spice Bazaar 

papri chaat and lassi
This spicy Indian street snack is taking over Westchester, and it’s easy to see why. Basically, you can think of papri chaat as roughly analogous to nachos, but without all the nasty grease. Expect a crunchy salad of crisp crackers layered with red onions, cilantro, protein-rich chickpeas, and heady chutneys. Knock back your $5 papri chaat with a tangy, Ayurvedic lassi for just $3.50; this probiotic Indian yogurt is blended with a variety of fresh fruits and spices to make a delicious, South Asian twist on a smoothie.
27 Main St, Mount Kisco (914) 218-3333

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