Westchester Children’s Museum Ambassador Program Begins in Ossining

The Boathouse Restaurant, Ossining

Westchester Children’s Museum (WCM) officials and supporters gathered at The Boathouse Restaurant in Ossining to announce the first representative of its Community Ambassador Program: Kim Jeffrey. A co-chair of the Ossining Citizens for Schools, a volunteer for Ossining Matters Education Foundation, and a member of the Ossining PTA, Jeffrey was selected as an ambassador as a result of her dedication to the betterment of her community.

“We have a chance to support an educational cause for the greater good of our kids and, one day, their kids,” said Jeffrey. “Every parent should be celebrating the fact that there will be a brick-and-mortar children’s museum central to every community in Westchester County.”

Ambassadors serve to create awareness of the organization and its objectives with the goal of raising the remaining funds required to build the county’s first children’s museum. Tracy Kay, WCM’s executive director, says that they are $6 million away from a $15 million goal to open the museum in less than 24 months. The museum plans to gather 15 community ambassadors throughout the county by year’s end.
Westchester Children’s Museum received unanimous approval last year from the County Board of Legislators for a 10-year lease at the historic Rye Playland North Bathhouse. Until its physical home is complete, WCM fulfills its educational mission through its Museum Without Walls program, which has reached more than 7,000 local families since its inception in 2010.

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