A Survey of Westchester Residents' Eating Habits

This month, we stopped snacking on Cheetos to ask you about your eating habits.


My favorite ethnic cuisine is:
Italian (19%)  Mexican (17%)  Chinese (14%)  Indian (12%)  French (10%) Japanese (10%)  Other (18%)

The one word that best describes my usual breakfast is:
Cold (cereal, granola   bars, fruit)     25%
Carbs (muffins, donuts)     21%
Hot (eggs, bacon, sausage)     19%
Liquid (Starbucks, Diet Coke)     16%
What breakfast?     19%
At work, for lunch I typically:
Buy something at the office cafeteria     33%
Brown-bag it     26%
Order take-out or go out somewhere with co-workers     21%
Skip lunch     20%

Dinner is usually produced via:
Microwave     40%
Anyplace that delivers—fast     36%
George Foreman grill     12%
The old-fashioned way—I actually love to cook     12%
My favorite grocery store is:
Stop & Shop     19%
Whole Foods     17%
Fairway     15%
Trader Joe’s     14%
DeCicco’s     12%
Stew Leonard’s     12%
ShopRite     9%
Other     2%

My biggest weekly indulgence is:
Starbucks     24%
Fast Food     21%
Dessert     19%
Pizza     14%
Chocolate     10%
Red Meat     7%
Ice Cream     5%



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