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Best of Westchester

I enjoyed reading all about the best in Westchester and I am anxious to patronize many of the places… However, you certainly did the shops and services a  great disservice by not telling us where they are—addresses, please! How difficult would that have been? For many of us, having to take that extra step to make the phone call and hope for a live voice to answer the questions of “Where are you?” is not all that user-friendly. Many of us work and do not have time during the day to make phone calls to ferret out all the addresses of your recommendations. I think they—and certainly, we the readers—would have been better served if you took that extra step and gave us exact locations. Nice thought on your part to do the article…but a little extra thought would have made it so much more useful.
– Lenore Rosenbaum, Hartsdale

Support Your Local Pub

Add Westchester Magazine as the 293rd to “292 Things You’ll Love! Best of Westchester 2011.” Westchester County is down to the Journal News and Westchester Magazine, just as most other American cities and suburbs are down to one local newspaper and one monthly magazine. Newspapers and magazines have to deal with increasing costs along with reduced advertising revenues and declining readership due to competition from the Internet and other information sources.

   We are fortunate to live in one of the few remaining free societies, with a wealth of
information sources available. Let us hope that newspapers and magazines, including Westchester Magazine, will continue to survive as a valuable information source for citizens to access.
– Larry Penner, Great Neck, Long Island

Oops! In our June 2011 “Top Dentists” article, we mistakenly referred to Paul Fletcher as a member of Rye Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, PC. Mr. Fletcher retired from that practice last year.
The correct price for a small cookie platter from MeMe’s Treats is $37.50, not $35.50, as written in the Nibbles section of the July issue.

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