Desperate Housewives?

Westchester’s version is made up of not-so-desperate, career- and family-oriented women.

Those housewives in Jersey have nothing on Westchester—except, of course, their own show on Bravo. Rye residents Mary Amy, an actress and children’s novelist, and Paul Moore, a photographer, hope to change that by creating the pilot of Working Housewives of Westchester. After interviewing 75 local hopefuls, Amy selected Alyssa Dweck of Chappaqua; Melissa Cass of Irvington; Jene Luciani of White Plains; Cheri Corso and Pamela Gill Alabaster, both of Pelham; Kahleen Rozowsky and Eunie Han, both of Rye; and Lisa Avellino of Scarsdale. Amy is planning to eschew the hair-pulling/cat-fighting that’s typical of the “genre,” focusing instead on how serious women with husbands, children, and careers deal with the vagaries of life in a positive and mutually respectful manner. Good luck with that.    



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