Coffee with Chef Alex Sze

Juniper 575 Warburton Ave Hastings-on-Hudson (914) 478-2542;


Photo by Adam Samson

To Be a Great Dining Destination, Westchester Needs… open-minded eaters willing to try different food and more restaurants putting out different types of food. Unfortunately, I find many diners are not open to new things.

The Trend I Most Despise… Every restaurant calls itself ‘tapas’ or ‘bistro,’ but it doesn’t really mean anything.

Favorite Kitchen Culinary Utensil… Japanese knives, specifically the Misono UX 10.

Last Book Read… Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It made me realize that I should try my hardest to do some of the things he talked about—for example, use local products, eat non-processed food.

I Never Eat... fast food or in chain restaurants. I prefer natural food. No chips!

Favorite Place to Dine Out (Other Than Juniper, Of Course)… Oriental Garden in Chinatown

I Hate It When a Diner at My Restaurant... asks for everything on the side. I find it rude. If I went to someone’s house for a meal, I wouldn’t ask for it differently.

The Next “Haute” Vegetable Will Be... more heirloom varieties.

The Next “In” Cuisine Will Be… regional Chinese cuisine. People misunderstand Chinese food. There are all types of Chinese cuisine.

Most Overrated Dish Is... sushi. A lot of people are doing it and not everyone does it well.

575 Warburton Ave
(914) 478-2542;



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