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 No-Walk-Ins Nigiri


The best sushi in Westchester is being rolled in a blah-looking box on Mamaroneck Avenue. Yet despite modest digs, sushi master Yoshimichi Takeda knows he’s the best. Acknowledged to be idiosyncratic—while a few claim he’s simply difficult—Takeda admits no walk-in diners, and his stellar omakase must be pre-ordered. Yet, flaming hoops and all, we’ll gladly jump ’em, because Takeda’s pristine fish is flown in daily, and, matched by mellow, house-brewed soy sauce, exotic greens, and garnishes, Nanase ensures a bankable payoff.

Sushi Nanase
522 Mamaroneck Ave White Plains (914) 285-5351



 Opulent Oysters

Chef Brian Galvin is an admitted oyster obsessive who stocks his 19-seat Croton-on-Hudson nook with a dizzying array of boutique bivalves. While most rely on bog-standard bluepoints, at Ocean House, you’ll find beefy French belons, plus a multitude of East and West Coast slurpers, including Wellfleet (Cape Cod), Deer Creek (Washington State), Flower (Long Island), Saint Simon (Nova Scotia), Elkhorn (Washington State), Chincoteague (Virginia), Hammersley (Washington State), and Sister Point (Washington State). His selection changes, so bring an oyster atlas—and be prepared to wait. Or leave your cellphone at Ocean House’s door, and wait your turn while tippling down the street.

Ocean House
49 N Riverside Ave, Croton-on-Hudson (914) 271-0702


 Pilsners and Pub Grub

Gastropubs, that English restaurant trend marked by the gourmet-ification of modest pub eats, hit these shores big-time with the success of New York City’s Spotted Pig. (That’s April Bloomfield’s and Mario Batali’s tiny Village spot, known for cask-conditioned ales, kidneys, and dreamy, melting gnudi). Not lagging far behind, Tuckahoe’s Tap House offers 14 boutique draughts—paired with aspirational (yet still comforting) takes on “bacon popcorn,” burgers, and Berkshire pork chops.

The Tap House
16 Depot Sq, Tuckahoe (914) 337-6941


 Quesadilla With Lobster and Avocado

It’s tough to find bargain meals that also pass nutritional muster, but David Starkey’s locavorian Tomatillo offers Tex-Mex with a twist. Instead of grease-soaked burritos or mystery-meat tacos, you’ll find organic and locally raised options slung at an easy price. While everything’s good at this casual joint, we love Tomatllo’s quesadillas—massive tortilla discs stuffed with oozing cheese. To wash it all down, look for great $6 margaritas, so well priced that two (or three) are always an option.

13 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry (914) 478-2300


 Ravishing, Restrained Ravioli

Executive Chef Brian Lewis has several dishes that make our hearts go pitter-patter, like his triumvirate of Berkshire pork, in which jowl, loin, and belly are arrayed in perfect bites, or his rustic MacFarlane Farms pheasant, tempered by creamed, hand-peeled chestnuts. Topping them all is Lewis’s signature ravioli, in which he achieves deconstructed perfection: these sequential hand-rolled envelopes reveal sheep’s-milk ricotta, savory spinach, and a still-liquid egg yolk. Pure and minimal, this trio celebrates the modernist edict, “less is more.”

Farmhouse at Bedford Post
954 Old Post Rd, Bedford (914) 234-7800



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