Celebrity Name-Alikes

Remarkable restaurant reservations? Free perks? Paparazzi? We asked a few Westchester residents who share their names with celebrities what life is like as a result.


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Name: Dave Matthews
Age: 48
Residence: Newtown, CT
Occupation: VP, Curtis Instruments, Mount Kisco
Famous Counterpart: Dave Matthews, vocalist for the Dave Matthews Band
How’s life sharing a name with a celebrity? It’s great, especially when I make reservations. Some people don’t know what he looks like, so it’s all in good fun.
What’s the strangest thing that has ever happened to you because of your name? I once signed an autograph for a sixteen-year-old girl in a shoe store. She asked if I was really Dave Matthews, and I said yes and signed.
Do you wish you didn’t share a name with a celebrity? In my mind, I’m the celebrity, so no. Plus, it’s not like I share a name with Brad Pitt or anything.

Name: Howard Stern
Age: 55
Residence: Bedford Hills
Occupation: Lawyer, Law Offices of Howard Stern
Famous Counterpart: Howard Stern, celebrity radio host
What’s the strangest thing that has ever happened to you because of your name? People have given me revealing pictures, and I get phone calls in the middle of the night, often from famous stars. Axl Rose [of Guns N’ Roses] used to leave messages for me on a semi-regular basis; I’m not sure he was aware that he was calling the wrong Howard Stern, because at one point in time I lived in Eastchester and the famous Howard lived in Scarsdale.
Do you wish you didn’t share a name with a celebrity? Yes. I no longer consider it a name. It’s a disease. Ninety percent of the time when I’m dealing with a new person, they feel compelled to make some comment related to the show.
Similarities: Some people say I have a raunchier sense of humor.

Name: Dwight Eisenhower
Age: 54
Residence: Armonk
Occupation: Field Supervisor, Westmore Fuel
Famous Counterpart: Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States
Were you named after the former president? Yes. He was in office when I was born, and my parents both served in the military when he was a general. My parents lived in Pennsylvania, and he had a large estate in Gettysburg at the time. My birthday is October 13; his birthday is October 14. So there are a bunch of similarities.
How is it being Dwight Eisenhower? There’s some name recognition every once in a while—nothing really exciting.
Has any fame come as a result of your name? When I was born in 1955, there was a picture of me as an infant in my mother’s arms on the front page of the New York Daily Mirror.

Name: Adam Sandler
Age: 16
Residence: Pound Ridge
Occupation: Student
Famous Counterpart: Adam Sandler, actor/comedian
How is life different sharing a name with a celebrity? When I first meet someone, they make an annoying joke about it or don’t believe that it’s my name. Once, a sub thought I was playing a prank until I showed him the nametag on my shirt that my mom had ironed on for camp.  
What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you because of your name? I had an autographed basketball from the famous Adam Sandler sent to my house. It turned out my parents had secretly arranged for the autograph to be sent to my house with a note saying, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’
Similarities: I would say that we both have a good sense of humor.




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