Archie Pops It


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Consider another eligible bachelor off the market: Archie Andrews, the lovable redhead from the Archie comics, is getting married. Spoiler alert: ending a love triangle that’s lasted decades, Archie will choose Veronica over Betty in an upcoming milestone issue. “Archie has been published since 1942, and with our six-hundredth issue coming, we wanted to do something big and important,” says Victor Gorelick, co-president and editor-in-chief of Archie Comic Publications, which is located in Mamaroneck. Issue #600, which will be available at comic shops on August 16, begins a six-issue story arc that has Archie gazing five or six years into the future at his trip down the aisle, starting with his big proposal. Whether or not Veronica will keep her maiden name of Lodge or become Mrs. Veronica Andrews has yet to be decided.




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