White Plains is Going Ultra-Modern

Our unofficial survey of White Plains workers reveals mixed emotions about the new restaurant scheduled to open on Main Street next to the Ritz-Carlton.


Love him or hate him, Louis Cappelli is changing the look of downtown White Plains one ultra-modern building at a time.  His next project is an “ultra-contemporary, all-glass design to complement the sleek Ritz-Carlton towers” recently built on Main Street near City Center in White Plains.  The new structure will house the Via Quadronno café (details not yet released). 


We took the conceptual drawing of the new café to the streets of White Plains to get some feedback on the new design.  Here’s what the “man--and woman--on the street” had to say.


I was brought up in White Plains and all of this new development just ruined the ambiance of the city. I hate it, and this restaurant is just another eyesore.”

                                                                        —Sandra S., North Salem

I just don’t think it matches the architecture. It’s too cotemporary for me.”

                                                                        —Deborah Z., Port Chester

It’s modern. They can put up whatever they want.”

                                                                        —Rachnea B., Manhattan

Fantastic.  Of course I’d eat there.”

                                                                        —Chris B., Mount Vernon

It looks totally out of place.”

                                                            —Maurice D., Greenburgh

I think it’s marvelous.”

                                                            —Mike M., White Plains







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