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The wild success of Ratatouille, the Pixar film about a gourmet rat, is just one sign of how interested (obsessed?) we’ve become in food. Warner Bros. knows it: it’s banking on another foodie movie: No Reservations, which stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as a celeb chef. Not to mention the fact that there are cooking shows all over television: Top Chef,


The Next Food Network Star. Food fetishists no longer are mocked for being overly besotted by tastes and textures—the joke now is on the rubes who simply don’t get it.

We here are not ashamed to say we’re obsessed with food, and we know that many of you share our obsession. So we’ve devoted this entire issue to dining—from five-star haute cuisine to ethnic dining, from high-end $25 hamburgers to humble (but delicious) $2 tacos. We think you’ll enjoy reading about the most memorable meals some of our local foodies and food professionals have had (page 74), salivate at our fabulously decadent deep-fried desserts (page 59), and other splurge-worthy treats (page 83).


Freelance writer Julia Sexton takes you on a “food crawl” through the ethnic eateries of Port Chester (page 78) and throws into the ring her expertise  on the great Westchester vs. Manhattan food fight (page 68).


We have just one bit of advice: don’t read this issue on an empty stomach!


BTW: Ever wonder what your local dermatologist, CPA, barista, and/or dog groomer makes? We certainly have. Want to help satisfy our curiousity? If you—or your brother-in-law, next-door neighbor, friend of a friend, etc.—are willing to share your info with us, please e-mail us at salaries@westchestermagazine.com by August 22. Include your name, hometown, work title, place of business, work and/or home telephone number, e-mail address, and annual salary, of course.


“What’s in this for me?” you ask. Exposure for you and your workplace—and
our thanks.


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