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Best Birth Control

Better than those methods in your article [“The Best birth Control You’re Not Using,” March 2014] is the “RSP” procedure from the early 1980s. It is permanent, but reversible. After giving birth to three children, I got it in 1983 as one of 10,000 in a test group. Surgical silicone was implanted into each fallopian tube, with a little loop at the end to allow for easy reversal.
I was an outpatient and no anesthesia was needed. It took just a few minutes, had no side effects, and was inexpensive. At the time, I thought it would be great for women, who could then simply have the plugs removed, if/when they decided to become pregnant.
My understanding is that it was never made widely available here because it wasn’t lucrative enough, but that it’s still being done in Europe.
—Carol Silverman, Scarsdale, via email

Restaurant Listings

I was reading [through] the different restaurants in March’s 2014 issue and [thought of] a restaurant worth listing. I thought I should mention a great restaurant that is in South Salem, which is down the block from a beautiful private residential area called Lake Truesdale. The restaurant is named The Horse & Hound Inn.  What a great restaurant in such a tranquil and unique setting.
As a loyal Westchester Magazine customer, I thought it is worth sharing with you, and hopefully you will take time to check it out.
—Ray Joseph, via email

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Regarding February’s “Morning Glories,” which highlighted the County’s breakfast scene:

Wow... How about Equus, Bistro Z @ DoubleTree by Hilton, Bellas, and Cooper’s Mill @ Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown?
—John Sardy

Yes, great places. I am reminded to enjoy breakfast at great local places!
—Christine Alberi

Regarding March’s review of The Parlor in Dobbs Ferry:

Went for dinner here with two couples. We housed eight pizzas! So amazing. Char-broiled oysters to start were incredible (closest thing to the famous New Orleans style I’ve tasted in NY). Would highly recommend going here. Cutting the pizza with scissors was really fun too—hadn’t done that before, but one in the group said that’s what her grandma does with her homemade pizza.
—Mike Martinelli

I still use scissors cutting my homemade pizza....easier and faster!
—Sonia Bulzoni 

Regarding Tom Schreck’s answer to her question in March’s “Any Questions?” about an abandoned house in Saxon Woods Park:

Mystery solved...Thank you for sleuthing the answer out for me Tom!
—Sarah White

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