What Type of Bangs Look Best on Your Face Shape?

Big bang theory: Hair and beauty expert Heather Adessa (makeupbyheathera.com) cuts through the chatter to tell you which style looks best on different shaped faces.


Oval ➤ Lucky you—almost any type of bang will work. For a more daring look, get a straight, heavier bang that comes to the eyebrows. For lower maintenance, try a texturized side bang that falls to the cheekbone or a lighter, layered, softer bang.
Round ➤ Bangs can make a round face look even fuller, so keep them straight and on the heavier side. Make sure they aren’t too long, as this can make the face look wider.
Square ➤ Long front bangs that graze the eyebrows and then taper off to the sides give this face shape a softer look
Heart-shaped  ➤ Side bangs create a nice balance. The longest part should hit right below the corner of the eye; layers are a must so they drift to the side rather than hang straight down.
Forehead Size  ➤ If it’s small, a side bang creates the illusion of a more prominent one. Conversely, bangs that hit your brows create the illusion of a smaller forehead. 




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