Westchester’s 2013 Pet Contest Winner: Tiger, Cross River, NY

The striking resemblance to Einstein is lost on none, but this terrier mix is motivated by emotion above all else. Unless there’s a squirrel that needs a good chase.


A Rescue Who’s Always on the Ball
A 2-year-old male mixed-breed Terrier

His humans: Dawn Barrett (quoted here) and her son Jack Walsh of Cross River

Named after: My childhood dog, who was also rescued from an Elmsford animal shelter. Backstory: He was driven up to Pets Alive Westchester in Elmsford from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky last May. After being treated for heartworm, he was adopted and returned two weeks later by people who couldn’t take care of him. We adopted him Labor Day weekend. Is so special because:  He’s been through so much and he is still trusting, loving, and happy. Fave pastimes: Being outside looking at all the birds, squirrels, and bunny rabbits he thinks he can chase. Sweetest trait: He is very cuddly and loves to be held. When we pet him and then stop, he nudges us, sometimes with his paw, to tell us he wants more. Most annoying habit: Barking for attention. Most fears: Being left alone. Sleeps at night with: His mommy. Most endearing habit: Rolling over on his back for his tummy to be rubbed. His must-see TV: NBA basketball—because his family is all around watching with him. Preferred plaything: Any type of ball. Celeb he most resembles: Einstein—because of his crazy white hair. Chows down on: Prescription venison dog food, because of his allergies. Thinks he is: A cat—because he licks his paws clean. In his closet: A Snuggie for dogs, an Ohio State jersey, a coat, and a bandana. Most oddball habit: Chasing his own tail. Naughtiest behavior so far: Knocking over a bowl of potpourri and munching on its contents. If he were a famous person, he’d be: New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, because he always wants the ball.

Check out Tiger's exclusive behind-the-scenes video, right here



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