Westchester’s 2013 Pet Contest Winner: Texas, Rye, NY

Have you read his blog? Yes, this cat is an ambitious one. When he’s not typing away, you can find Texas snuggled up in the recycling bin, listening to classical music or playing with his sister.


The Bilingual Blogger
A 7-year-old male European shorthair cat

His human: Carine Martinez-Gouhier of Rye

Was adopted from: A pet store on the Right Bank of the River Seine in Paris. Significance of his name: The store assistant called him ‘the little wrestler in the group.’ He looked proud and self-assured, ready to both play and defend his territory, so ‘Texas’ came to mind. Cleverest trick: Opening a drawer to sleep in it—nothing like freshly cleaned bed sheets. Fave activity: Playing with his little kitty sister and napping. Personality as a big feline brother: He is very patient and very kind to the kitten we adopted last summer. He loves to play with her and to take care of her. Sweetest habit: Welcoming me home after work by extending his front paws on my feet to stretch. Always on his iPod: Classical music, especially Rachmaninoff—purrfect for naps. Most endearing trait: If I feel down, he comes to snuggle and comfort me, and then he makes sure to make me laugh by goofing around! Fave nosh: Freshly cooked shrimp. Most money spent on him: An extra $150 to have him travel with me in the cabin of the plane from Paris to New York when we immigrated. There was no way I was going to leave him behind or have him in cargo. Most oddball habit: Sleeping in a bag full of other plastic bags we keep for recycling. Fun fact: He has his own blog, Texas, a Cat in New York: The life of a Parisian cat whose human immigrated to America (texascatny.wordpress.com) and is quite popular among his circle of furry friends—he calls them ‘furriends.’ He is a real Internet socialite.

Check out Texas' exclusive behind-the-scenes video, right here



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