A Survey of Westchester County Residents' Experiences with Flooding

This month, we asked you about your experiences with one of Westchester’s iconic issues—flooding.


In my experience, the road that floods the worst here in Westchester is:
Route 22 in White Plains (31%) The Hutch (24%) The Bronx River Parkway in White Plains (14%) Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck (12%) Harrison Avenue in Harrison (11%)

When the roads flood, my usual “plan b” alternate road is:
Wherever my GPS takes me     41%
I-95     26%
Back roads     19%
Westchester Ave     7%
Other     7%

When the roads are jammed from flooding , I usually:
Wait it out—the alternate roads will be jammed, too.      45%
Try to reroute ASAP.     26%
Call in sick and pull the cover over my head     17%
Turn around, go home, and call it a day     12%

About how many times per year does the roadway flooding inconvenience you:
1-3    50%
4-6     24%
I’ve lost count     26%
For me, the biggest toll taken by the flooding has been on my:
Stress level     33%
Time     29%
Automobile     21%
Money     12%
Love life     5%
Would you be willing to pay more taxes if the money was spent exclusively on fixing the flooding problem?
No, we pay enough darned taxes already—living flood-free should be part of the deal     40%
Yes, but not much—even if that means only partial improvements    25%
No, there’s no way to solve the problem unless we want to move the roads—which will never happen     21%
Yes—whatever it takes to stop this damn flooding     14%

Has your home ever flooded?
Yes     45%
No     55%



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