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Croton—In what has become a campaign issue, Republican resident Randall Swan, a contender for a spot on the village’s Board of Trustees, has paid down his debt of back taxes by $18,000—but still owes another $16,000.

Chappaqua—One nurse’s bedside manner went a bit too far: she was arrested after offering sexual services for $200 an hour on Craigslist during the past year. Apparently, she was hard up for money after a divorce.

Ardsley—The school district shut its schools for a day after a district parent misinterpreted a student’s Facebook posting as a threat for a Columbine-style attack on the schools.

Yonkers—At least two elderly residents have fallen victim to a scam involving fake utility workers who robbed them after entering their homes to read their meters. More than six similar cases were reported last year.

Rye—The Mayors of Port Chester and Rye Brook have sought funding for a study to examine the cost savings of dissolving the town of Rye, over the objections of the Mayor of Mamaroneck, whose Rye Neck section also partly comprises the town.

Mamaroneck—The village has stopped using a coin-counting firm that collected money from its parking meters after learning that the firm may have pocketed as much as $8,500 in coins.

Pelham—An off-duty New Rochelle police officer was charged with DWI and fleeing the scene of an accident after the driver of another vehicle crashed into the cop’s car, which was stopped and facing the wrong way on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Pelham.



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