Not in My Backyard!

Affordable Housing—Yes or No?


This month, we polled nearly 50 county residents at the White Plains Metro-North station and outside the White Plains Whole Foods Market about their thoughts on the county’s controversial housing desegregation plans.

Where should affordable housing be built?

White PlainsYonkersScarsdaleDobbs FerryGreenwichNorth SalemBedford


Are you in favor of having affordable housing built in your neighborhood as part of the country’s desegregation plan?
Yes (47.9%)
No (52.1%)

I don’t want it because...
My house values would go down (40%)

If you can’t afford to live here, you shouldn’t (32%)

It would change the look of Westchester (20%)

I don’t think it would solve the problem of segregation (8%)

Do you know anyone who can’t afford to live in Westchester?
Yes (72.9%)
No (27.1%)

Who can’t afford to live here?
Myself (51.4% )
A relative (40% )
A friend (34.3% )
A coworker (8.6% )

How big is your house?
More than 5,000 square feet (47.8%)
Less than 5,000 square feet (52.2%)

Approximately what percentage of your income goes toward housing?
More than 50% (31.2%)
I don’t know but it’s a lot (29.2%)
25%-50% (25%)
10%-25% (12.5%)
10% (2.1%)

Do you know anyone who has lost his or her home recently?
Yes (54.2%)
No (45.8%)

If affordable housing was built in your neighborhood, you would:
Tolerate it (52.1%)
Join the welcome committee (35.4%)
Move out (12.5%)

Do you think Westchester is economically diverse?
Yes (37.5%)
No (62.5%)

Do you think Westchester is racially diverse?
Yes (62.5%)
No (37.5%)



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