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What’s the best room when viewing a computer monitor?


Q: What’s the best room lighting for your eyes when viewing a computer monitor for long periods of time?


A: “Too much light, especially sunlight through the windows, can cause a scattering glare,” says Dr. William Dieck, division director of ophthalmology for Westchester Health Associates in Mount Kisco, a clinical affiliate of The Mount Sinai Medical Center. “And sometimes harsh interior lighting from fluorescent bulbs can create glare, too. Eliminate that by getting an anti-glare monitor cover, although most of your newer LCD monitors already have good glare reduction.” Too dark of a room can cause eye strain “because the muscles of the eyes are trying to focus under less than ideal lighting conditions.” Oh, and one more thing: “A common phenomenon many don’t realize is that they stare at their computer but don’t blink. You normally blink anywhere from thirty to forty times a minute unconsciously. Blinking distributes the tear film over the surface of the cornea, which is the most important focusing part of the entire eye. So when you stare at your computer, your eye dries out and you unknowingly cause yourself a blurry image.”



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