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What to add to your Netflix queue this month

Sherlock Holmes
DVD Release Date: March 30, Warner Home Video
Director Guy Ritchie is known for his gritty, high-energy crime movies, and master sleuth Sherlock Holmes is known for his superior crime-solving abilities. Sounds like a perfect match, no? Ritchie moves from his contemporary London to a Victorian one—but takes the action and fisticuffs with him—for a movie that pleases both those who appreciate powers of deduction and those looking for a little adrenaline rush.

The Lovely Bones
DVD Release Date: April 20, Paramount Home Entertainment
No, Peter Jackson’s film doesn’t fully capture what makes Alice Sebold’s novel so universally acclaimed. But the film is still worth a rental to see our real-life neighbor Stanley Tucci play the creepiest fictional neighbor ever—a performance that earned him an Academy Award nomination. And, for fans of Peter Jackson and his palette of special effects, the Blu-ray contains a 15-part production diary to show how he put it all together.

An Education
DVD Release Date: March 30, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
This story takes place in the ’burbs and follows a smart high-school student working towards a place at a prestigious university—a story many of us can relate to. The difference is that An Education takes place in England in the 1960s, and the main character decides she might want to forgo Oxford for a romance with an older man. (The horror!) Newcomer Carey Mulligan received sparkling praise—and an Academy Award nomination—for her turn as the disaffected youth.



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