Huge Omission

I am writing in regard to a glaring omission from your March “Nightlife” issue. I was dumbfounded that you could publish an article about nightlife in Westchester without including Prophecy in White Plains.

In my opinion, Prophecy is the premier destination in this county for upscale nightlife. I have eaten dinner there on numerous occasions and the food, ambience, and service are always outstanding. I also have been there for dancing and cocktails and had a fantastic time. Furthermore, I have been there for private events, which were absolutely incredible. 

There simply is no other venue like this in our area. 

Jennifer Glantz



I have just finished reading the “Nightlife” issue and am amazed to find that you did not include Empire Raceway as a possible destination for the evening. Since it opened, the Raceway has continued to attract large and very diverse crowds. Though I have not visited as yet, I know several people who have truly enjoyed their experiences there. Although many of your stories do not reflect it, there is so much more to Yonkers than Peter Kelly’s newest restaurant. Please give Yonkers its due and some positive publicity as well. There’s more here than meets the eye. See you at the track!

Deborah Troop



Pinball Wizard

Your recent “Almost Extinct” piece that mentions pinball machines is all too true. There are virtually no places to play pinball with one exception: your own home. As a hobby, I rescue pinball machines, then overhaul and sell them to individuals who remember the fun of the game. While video games are okay, there is nothing like the magic of the silver ball.

Steve Hess



Foie Gras Fury-Part II

Your article on foie gras in your February issue sickened me. The test for whether something is humane or not is not to ask those who make money from selling it. The test is simply to apply it to yourself. How would you like to have a metal funnel shoved down your throat, held there so you cannot eject it, and food forced through it in whatever quantities for however long somebody else wanted? Compassion comes from standing in another’s shoes. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that this treatment is inhumane. And by the way, animals do have feelings, as anyone with a pet can attest.

Judith Wine

White Plains


T hank you for your article: “Is Eating Foie Gras a Faux Pas?” I have been an ethical vegan and animal-rights activist for the past 11 years and I was happy to see, at the very least, the title of your article.

I did not start out as a vegan. I am a classically trained chef; I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1993 armed with the knowledge to turn any once living, breathing creature into a meal. I had the honor to work under two of the chefs you quoted in the article: Chef Rick Laakkonen and his sous chef, Vincent Barcelona.

While I am realistic about the prospect of ever getting the mainstream to give up their addiction to animal flesh, why do we need to rely on products like foie gras and veal, in particular, for which the animals are made to suffer above and beyond what they must go through anyway? Isn’t it enough that people kill them in the end? 

Chef Laakkonen’s assertion that “foie gras has been an integral part of our craft” is not a defense of using foie gras. Surely he can make an interesting meal without using foie gras. And to Chef Barcelona’s statement—“Foie gras has been part of the food culture for centuries”—just because it has a long history does not mean that we need to perpetuate it. Owning slaves had been a part of our culture for a century before we realized that “tradition” was not a valid defense for glaring injustice.

It would have been so nice if I read in your article that two chefs from whom I learned so much had actually taken a stand against foie gras and were either willing to remove it from their menus altogether or opt for a more humane version.

Pete Cervoni

Hollywood, Florida


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