Restaurant Review: Pantanal


Not familiar with Brazilian cuisine and don’t have time for a quick trip to Rio for a bite? Head on over to Pantanal. This local eatery offers many of Brazil’s traditional dishes in a casual and inviting atmosphere. With its warm, ochre walls festivally decorated with Brazilian souvenirs, Pantanal’s spacious dining room is an ideal place to experience this South American country’s cuisine.


Among the must-try entrées is feijoada (pronounced fay-shwa-da)—the dish of Brazil, a hearty mixture of black beans, sausage, dried beef and pork. Feijoada, brought to your table in a large pot and served over rice, is a wonderful blend of seasonings and textures. It is accompanied by delicious garlic-laced collard greens and refreshing slices of orange. 


True meat lovers will adore rodizio, another Brazilian favorite. Ten long skewers, speared with chicken, beef, homemade sausage and pork, are brought to the table, one after the other. The meat, expertly grilled, is served with rice, beans, fried bananas, French fries and a salad you compose to your liking at the salad bar.


Not surprisingly, Pantanal also offers a variety of seafood choices (Brazil, after all, is famous for its beaches). Dried cod, a typical Brazilian treat, is served two ways: sautéed with a scrumptious mix of potatoes, olives, eggs and tomatoes, or smothered in a tasty sauce of chick peas, sweet peppers and onions. The camarao a pastorela—large-sized shrimp stuffed with cheese and served with rice studded with raisins—should appeal to the adventuresome fan of seafood.


For dessert, there are a number of homemade sweets from which to choose. The coconut flan is a creamy treat of custard while the passion fruit mousse will leave you longing for more. Or try the pavé, layer upon layer of whipped cream, fresh peaches and Portuguese cookies. However, one visit is surely not sufficient to sample the many different flavors of Brazil. Odds are you’ll want to try Pantanal again and again.



29 North Main St., Portchester

(914) 939-6894



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