Say Hello to Westchester’s Newest Millionaires

The New York Lottery stopped by Empire City Casino to award $13 Million to four lucky Westchesterites.

Moreno, Aprile, and Rosado pose with New York Lotto's Kylie McDonald and Yolanda Vega.

Jelena Gerge | Courtesy Empire City Casino

Anyone who’s played the New York Lottery (or anyone who’s ever watched ABC around 11 p.m.) is familiar with Yolanda Vega. The Lotto superstar visited Empire City Casino in Yonkers along with drawing assistant Kylie McDonald recently to pay out three separate prizes to four Westchesterites.

Misty Morana of Cortlandt Manor won the top prize of a guaranteed $7 million in the drawing for CASH4LIFE on March 19. Meanwhile, Gabe Rosado and Juan Aldama Mendez, two friends from Yonkers, are splitting $5 million, the highest possible prize on a Set for Life scratch-off ticket. Finally, Elizabeth Aprile of Elmsford is driving home with a respectable $1 million after snagging second prize in New York’s Mega Millions drawing.

They say there’s a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lotto, but it looks like in Westchester lightning’s already struck thrice.



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