Book of the Week: The Art of Interior Design

Get inspired by Kelly Hoppen’s 40 year career

Designer Kelly Hoppen’s career has spanned 40 years and with that comes a lot of knowledge. Hoppen’s style is very distinct: East meets West with clean lines, neutral tones, and a rich mixture of textures blended with charm, warmth, and opulence.

The book is broken up into three sections including trademarks, mood makers, and the edit. This is a vast archive of images chosen by Hoppen featuring old and new designs created by her.

The tips are great, like with most design books, but what struck me as amazing was the photos themselves. The text and typography are so seamlessly worked into the photos that just turning the pages to look at the next image is entertaining in and of itself.

I actually got more out of looking at the images than reading the words.

Kelly Hoppen The Art of Interior Design, $60



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