5 Tips For Stylish Family Living

How to keep a clean, comfortable home with messy kids.


We parents have all been there—you have kids in the house (it doesn’t matter what age) and they come with stuff, and lots of it. They may also make messes that they don’t clean up or they may not have respect for your things.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a nice home with kids. It can be comfortable, stylish, and you can keep your sanity too.

Wayfair’s editorial style director, Alison Campbell, came to the rescue and shared with us her favorite tips for creating a stylish home even with kids.

• Protect with Panache - Patterned rugs and pillows are better choices with small children, and solid wood or butcher-block tables can be sanded and refinished to hide any wear and tear. Wayfair also found that for 88 percent of households the kitchen table or island is the go-to place for arts and crafts.

• Store in Style - Incorporate neutral yet stylish storage bins into a few of your main living areas to provide small “holding pens” for your kids’ favorite toys. Try adding a cream storage bin at the bottom of a bookcase in your living room, or a toy bucket in your dining room sideboard.

• It’s all About the Fabric - Select upholstery that is easy to clean—for example, a microfiber couch is easier to clean and more durable than other fabrics.

• Out of Sight, Out of Reach - The most common piece of furniture parents put away when they have kids is the coffee table—especially those with glass surfaces. Try swapping out a sharp-edged coffee table with an upholstered storage ottoman to maintain fashion and function.  

• Kids Rooms Are Picture Perfect - Nearly half of parents indicated that their child’s bedroom is better decorated than their own!  Keep these rooms in tip top shape by layering in storage solutions such as under-bed storage for extra linens, coordinating storage totes for diapers, wipes or toys, and shelving for books and décor.  

How do you keep your home stylish and functional with kids in the mix?



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