Custom Rugs From Natural Area Rugs

Chappaqua designer Brenda Kelly Kramer on rugs, kids, and where to shop for floor furnishings.

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Designers love them, but are sisal rugs durable enough for kids? I asked an expert—designer Brenda Kelly Kramer, the mom of six boys.

“I have Jute on my hall stairs (it has been down for seventeen years), Seagrass in my kitchen, family room, master bedroom, and cottage and they get a workout every day,” she says. “They have all worn really well and so many things have been spilled on them but it doesn't show."

The site lets you create a custom design. I did some special details with it in my home, bordering the stair railing with blue cotton binding.  I also bound my kitchen rug with fabric as opposed to the limited colors of cotton binding the rug store offers, it gives you more options for color matching your décor—and it was just $150 for a 6 x 9 rug.



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