See This Kitchen Remade After a Destructive Fire

In this last installment, we’re sharing with you what designer Denise Wenacur did to get a family's kitchen back into working order after a fire.

Photos courtesy of Denise Wenacur Design & Decor

This kitchen remodel started from scratch. Everything had to be considered, rebuilt, and designed. The family wanted a space that is family-friendly, beautiful, and functional. “White cabinets to the ceiling were a must,” says Wenacur. “A Sub-Zero fridge and a beverage fridge were incorporated knowing that there was much entertaining and fun to happen in this new kitchen.”

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​Wenacur’s design inspiration came from a clean, open, fresh, and calming color palette, with rustic touches, a theme throughout the house.

Soffits were removed as well as the old cabinetry and appliances were moved to better locations. Doorways were also relocated to make better use of the cabinetry.




To make layout function better, Wenacur turned the center island so it was parallel with the sink.

The dining room, which is off of the kitchen, needed to relate to the design in the kitchen as well. “We moved the entry into the dining room directly across from its bay window, which gave the dining room more symmetry and united the two spaces,” says Wenacur. “We then made sure that the colors and materials played beautifully between the two areas.”    




The materials she used included quartz countertops, glass tile in a brick pattern for the backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a dark stain on the base cabinetry of the center island.

Wenacur says when starting your own kitchen design, be sure to choose a strong vent hood and unobstructed counter space. “The hood is so important in keeping the air fresh when cooking and most come apart easily for cleaning,” says Wenacur. “Appliances such as the microwave drawer located in the center island leave the countertops clear for food prep and dining.”

Overall Wenacur says this kitchen is “light and airy and welcoming.” Just what the family wanted.



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