DIY: How To Install Multi-Room Wireless Speakers

Installing any kind of home entertainment system can be daunting. A step-by-step video can help.

Robert Wetzlmayr / Wikimedia Commons

“There are a lot of similar black boxes available along with the apps to drive them,” says Steve Edelman of Function Control Group in Katonah.  “I don't know them all, but I know Sonos, and I think it is a great system.  It’s a rich man/poor man solution: They sell competitively priced product across the board, from simple solutions to those designed for a more elaborate set-up, such as houses with built-in speakers, or for higher-end applications with better amplifiers and digital converters.

“I have zones of it throughout my own house. I give a bit of audio quality up for easy access to my music library, which is extensive.  It’s a very intuitive app—even my kids use it.”

Watch a DIY video explaining the instalation of Sonos speakers below.



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