Westchester Business Leaders: James Segura

CEO/Founder, Candela Systems Corporation

James Segura Bernardo, CLMC, CLEP, LC


Candela Systems Corporation: A diverse company headquartered in Somers (with satellite offices in Georgia and Puerto Rico) that, since 1994, has provided the latest technology in energy conservation, energy management, lighting and electrical.

SECRET TO SUCCESS: “Not only is our philosophy to do the right thing, but to make sure we do it with a passion, to make every day better than the day before – a cleaner and brighter future for our children.”

WHY WESTCHESTER: “It is the heart of the world. We have access to everything while maintaining the intimacy of a small-town feel and the diversity that nature has to offer.” 

FIRST STEPS: “We stepped up to an opportunity by fulfilling the needs of a new emerging industry, by providing skilled, knowledgeable and talented energy conservation implementers.”

REWARDING MOMENT: “Being known as the ‘doers’ of the industry and always being called in on very high-profile projects [such as installing outside facade lighting for the Empire State Building] because of our work ethic.”  

WHAT’S NEXT: “With the deployment of my patented wireless lighting control (Artemis Automation’s C-IT device), it is our goal to expand Candela Systems to an international electrical/lighting energy conservation service company and grow our employees from 45 to over 225 by 2015.” www.candelasystems.com


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