How to Recover From Hard Workouts

Celebrated local trainer Angela LoBrutto shares her insights for getting back on the good foot


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Angela LoBrutto will help you stand tall. 

Between hitting the gym regularly and watching what you eat, it can be easy to forget about recovery. Getting at least seven to eight hours of rest per night is a major factor in both recuperation following workouts as well as overall health. Angela LoBrutto, a White Plains-based trainer and fitness nutrition specialist who has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and been featured in Elite Daily, insists sleep—among a number of other factors—is essential.

“Sleep deprivation can slow down your metabolism, as well as effect your performance,” she explains. “Quality rest and sleep help the muscles to rebuild, repair, and strengthen in-between workouts.” 

When it comes to alleviating those sore spots, staying limber plays an equally important role. “Don’t skip stretching,” she advises, in addition to recommending the ease and availability of a standard protein shake. LoBrutto refers to them as her "go-to" post workout meal because of the rapid absorption rate, but chiefly, the simple-to-mix, ready-to-consume factor. But don't just go for the taste. "Invest in an isolate whey protein powder to see more of a difference," she says.

Above all, the certified Westchester fitness guru exhorts her clients to step away from their routine every now and again. “Some people might feel guilty for resting in between workouts when, in fact, overtraining can weaken their strength,” she remarks. “So go ahead and take that well deserved rest day!”





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