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Bacon, Hot Dogs, And Other Processed Meats Linked To Cancer

New study from World Health Organization places bacon, hotdogs in same category as smoking tobacco and asbestos.

A Thanksgiving Survival Guide For Vegetarians and Vegans

Three things: prepare, share, and get the goods

The Statistics Of Breast Cancer

The fight against breast cancer starts with knowing the facts. In observence of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we share some stats:

Fall-Inspired Spa Treatments

The weather's cool, and so are these autumnal indulgences.

Top Customer Complaints

Local pharmacists weigh in on patient gripes

BREAKING NEWS: Coloring Books No Longer 'Guilty Pleasure'

Now, anyone can be free to engage in the art of staying inside the lines.

Teach Your Kids Tennis (It's Good For Them)

Tennis is a great recreational activity, and can be healthy for your kids. Check out Westchester's best facilities to encourage your children to seek this athletic outlet.

An Evening With The Cosmos (And Defender John Neeskens)

About 30 young boys and girls came out to Manhattan’s Pier 40 on Thursday for a back-to-school soccer clinic hosted by the New York Cosmos.

Any Weather Workouts

A trio of off-season workouts to keep you in shape when the days get shorter

Send Your Kid To School With A Nutritious Lunch

Instead of relying on the school cafeteria, send your kids to school with nutrient -packed lunches that'll keep their brains and bodies functioning well (and keep hunger pangs at bay).

Why Is Your Child’s Doctor Prescribing Medication For Non-FDA Approved Use?

The good, the bad, and the ugly of off-label prescriptions.

West Nile Virus Returns To New York

And the Westchester County Department of Health has issued guidelines to keep residents safe.

How To Ensure Great Pediatric Nutrition, From Cradle To Dorm

A quick rundown of the nutrients your child needs at every age and stage.

How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

It reduces crankiness, lessens the risk of obesity and depression, and helps improve academic performance. So why aren’t kids getting enough sleep?

How Old Is Too Old For A Pediatrician?

At what age should children start seeing an “adult” doctor?

The Fast County Growth Of Medical Clinics

From malls to downtown corners, walk-in clinics vie for prime locations.

Message Your Doctor Easily And Securely With The Tap Of A Finger

A new healthcare app created by a Westchester neurosurgeon is putting doctors and patients on a whole new page.

10 Exhilarating Local Bike Trails To Explore And Enjoy

Your guide to biking in and around the county.

Why You Should Really Invest In A Standing Desk

Advice you shouldn’t take sitting down.

Those Core Exercises You Do? You’re Probably Doing Them Wrong

But a Peekskill-based personal trainer has invented an easy fix.

When It Comes To Wellness And Aging, It’s Use It Or Lose It

Local options for lifelong learning help seniors age healthfully.

5 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Ask About Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) answer your most pressing questions—even the embarrassing ones.

Eating Healthy—Until You’re Sick

When does your desire to eat right become an unhealthy obsession?

If Foods Were Like Boyfriends, Here’s Who You Should Take Home

A new book reveals the good guys and bad guys of the shopping aisle.


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