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5 Tips to Begin Eating Mindfully

A local health coach dishes on how to start eating with intention

TotalFusion Heats Up Harrison

The new boutique fitness studio was created by two doctors looking to create custom, high-energy classes

5 Local Fitness Pros Reveal Their Favorite Healthy Meals

Some healthy, mid-day meal options that'll keep you going and taste good, too

Mount Kisco Gym Puts Parkinson’s Patients First

Lexington Avenue Gym’s innovative class focuses on providing Parkinson’s sufferers an opportunity to knock out symptoms

How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

One Rockland RDN shares her 5 secrets to keeping off the holiday heft

Local Children’s Hospital Hits the Airwaves for a Good Cause

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital will hold a Radiothon on WHUD 100.7 later this month to raise money for stricken kids

4 CrossFit Movements That Are Great for Every Workout

One of the region’s top experts dishes on which movements can improve anyone’s exercise regimen

The 3 Best and Worst Protein Bars for Your Workout

Local expert Ilia Regini shares her best and worst picks for protein-packed bars

White Plains Hospital Innovates Cutting-Edge Shoulder Surgery

The area hospital has begun performing a minimally invasive procedure aimed at fixing irreparable rotator cuff injuries

Orangetheory Hits Westchester

The increasingly popular boutique fitness chain brings its whole-body workouts to White Plains

4 Tips to Tone Your Upper Arms

Top trainer Eric Grimes gives the lowdown on how to get those guns into display-worthy shape

5 Essential Super Food Spices

We asked a local certified nutritionist and personal trainer which ones offer benefits beyond just great taste

Is Alzheimer’s On Its Last Leg?

A regional expert discusses a breakthrough in curing the devastating disease

5 Great Foods for Gut Health

A local coach dishes on how to keep that tummy in tip-top shape

Westchester Tackles Concussions

Our County Mental Health Commissioner and a White Plains football coach weigh in on the pressing issue

What a Nutritionist Eats for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

We asked one of Westchester’s top experts just what she consumes over the course of a day and why

Pre-Workout Tips Not to Miss

We spoke to four top trainers from Pine Brook Fitness in New Rochelle on the best ways to prepare for an all-out workout

Is Flossing Worth It?

We asked one of the county’s most notable dentists whether you should eschew the white stuff or not

To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

We asked one of Westchester’s top trainers whether all that stretching is worth the trouble

Rich Man, Pore Man: A Six-Pack of Skin-Care Treatments for Guys

Experts from spas around Westchester offered advice on how to get rid of oiliness, dryness, and everything in between

The Skinny on Alternative Milks

We asked a local nutritionist whether to reach for soy, almond, or other dairy alternatives

How to Recover From Hard Workouts

Celebrated local trainer Angela LoBrutto shares her insights for getting back on the good foot

Smoothie Sailing: Westchester’s Best Acai Bowls

We take a look at the white-hot smoothie trend, and tell you where to snag them

Westchester Gets First New Dental School in Nearly 50 Years

Touro College of Dental Medicine has recently been approved for a new Valhalla home


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