The 3 Best Spots for Mediterranean in Westchester

Exciting spots for a popular cuisine.

Anyone interested in a unique blend of foods from the Turkish and Mediterranean regions should definitely check out Turquoise in Larchmont. Recently renovated, the restaurant offers rich colors and a cushy atmosphere that pulls me into another world as soon as I walk through the door. The food—exceptional! I’m actually drooling a little just thinking about the hummus and warm pita bread to start off the meal.

I’ve never been a great fan of Greek food, but maybe that’s because I had yet to visit MP Taverna in Irvington—it offers a fresh take on a traditional Greek tavern. Large groups can actually order whole roasted animals (if you dare), and the drink selection is downright titanic—with more than 50 choices of wines by the glass, you can sample something new with each course. 

My choice on this epicurean odyssey is Fig & Olive in Scarsdale. The little sister of three booming Manhattan locations and two in California, the restaurant has a tasting bar and communal table where you can sample a number of sharable plates, breads, olives, and cheeses. Needless to say, Fig & Olive is serious about its olive oil and has 30 types to choose from, all of which are available for retail.



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