The Ultimate Westchester Bar Guide

Everything you need to know about beer, pubs, and wineries, from where they're sold to where they're made.

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Here’s Where Westchester Plays Trivia Night

Where to go to prove all those hours watching Nick at Night reruns were worthwhile (’70s sitcom category, anyone?)

The Best Westchester Happy Hours That Won’t Rip You Off

Hot deals and bargain bar bites at places like Madison Kitchen, MP Taverna, NoMa Social, and more.

How To Make the Official Westchester Magazine Cocktail

Video instructions straight from the mouth of its creator, 42's Wellington De Oliveira.

Miss The Keenan House? Have We Got News For You

New owners, new look, new menu—but old favorites have returned as well.

Gaining an Insider's Perspective on Westchester's Craft Beer Scene

Picking the brain of Yonkers Brewing Co. Co-Founder John Rubbo.

The Perfect Place to Get Your Homebrewing Ingredients

New Rochelle’s new haven that specializes in supplying the newcomers.

What We’re Looking Forward To

Events the WM staff is anticipating in February.

The Westchester Bar Bible

Two of our writers embark on a journey to find Westchester’s best bars.

Turning Beer Into Whiskey, Literally

287 Whiskey is made from Captain Lawrence beer, and “is the best thing” StillTheOne Distillery’s ever made.

12 Easy Steps to Brewing Your Own Beer

#FREEDOM craft brewer Greg Cristallo explains how to brew your own beer at home.

The Westchester Bars For When You Just Want a Beer

The Craftsman Ale House and Coals are the right spots for when just want to kick back with a cold one.

The Westchester Bar at Which You Should Be Drinking (but Aren’t, Yet)

A Peekskill spot that you can’t miss.

The Perfect Spot for a Ladies’ Night: Mount Kisco’s Rose Room

Disco balls and chandeliers conducive to a great night out.

The Tuckahoe Bar That’s One of the Liveliest in the County

Growler’s Beer Bistro is the go-to spot for 20- and 30-year-olds.

The Perfect Bar for the Perfect Date

Red Hat in Irvington and its idyllic Hudson view makes for a great romantic night out.

The Mill: A Hipster Haven in Hastings

Dimly lit with echoes of Brooklyn.

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 The Ultimate Westchester Bar Guide

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The Westchester Bar Bible

Everything you need to know about the County bar scene

After-Work Drink Joint

'College' Bar

Hipster Haven

For 20- and 30-Year-Olds

Classic Cocktails

Perfect Date Bar

Friendliest Bartender

Bar Crawl

Tropical Drinks

All-Day Drinking
Hidden Gem

Bartenders' Bars

Ladies' Night

Homestyle Bar

Going Medieval

'No Frills' Bar

The Official Westchester
Magazine Cocktail

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