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Day Camps...

For Animal Lovers

The most educational and fun summer camps for kiddies who love critters. They'll thank you.

For Brainiacs

The most educational ways to amaze your children this summer.

For Nature Lovers

The perfect places for those who love the outdoors to get a fulfilling and inspiring summer experience.

For Sports Nuts

If your child loves sports, well, here are the best places to send them this summer.

For Creative Types

Where to send your kid this summer to fulfill and nourish their creativity.

For Kids with Special Needs

"This program has been a life-saver for us. With a child on the spectrum who needs social interaction with other kids for the summer, this hits the mark."
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Sleep-Away Camps...

Sleep-Away Camp Survival Guide

Plus 5 reasons to ship your little one off for the summer (or part of it).

For Creative Types

Sleep-away camps that include music, dance, and more.

For the Family-Oriented

Amazing summer camps for those who don't want the experience but don't want to say goodbye to their loved ones.

For Brainiacs

Camps where your bookworms can expand their learning and bridge their school years together.

For Animal Enthusiasts

Educational and fun, a New Brunswick camp perfect for those who love the outdoors and nature.

For Nature Lovers

For those who love the outdoors and want a genuine, educational fishing and camping experience.

For Sports Nuts

For the athletes who want to learn, become better, all while getting away for a little bit.

For Kids with Special Needs

Unique, noteworthy, and worthwhile summer experience for those with developmental challenges.

For Scouts

In Mahopac, "a year-rounded mission for the Girl Scouts"

For Trump Jrs

Trips to Dorney and Hershey Park highlight this "upscale" summer camp.

For Wellness Seekers

A fun and friendly camp to encourage weight loss, NOT a "fat farm."

Why a Camp Guide?

Summer camp used to be a simple affair: a little swimming, a few crafts, a brown-bag lunch, and some outdoor playtime. Not anymore. Today, Westchester parents and their kids are looking for more sophisticated—and specialized—day and sleep-away camp options. Luckily, our region has plenty to offer. From music to science, sports, arts, and everything in between (whale watching, anyone?), there’s a specialized camp for nearly every interest. Whether you opt for a day camp here in Westchester or a sleep-away camp in the surrounding area, there are plenty of choices to help your budding Beethoven, future Olympian, or next Steve Jobs hone their skills while they sweat away the summer. Who knows? They might even have some good old-fashioned fun.
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