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Finger Lakes School of Massage Offers Comprehensive Training Programs at Their Mount Kisco Campus

The Finger Lakes School of Massage was established in Ithaca in 1994 and, due to dramatic demand in the field of massage therapy, a second campus opened in Mount Kisco in 2008.

Since its inception, the Finger Lakes School of Massage (FLSM) has trained hundreds of passionate, dedicated and well-educated graduates, and each of them embodies the spirit of trust, cooperation and integrity that the school’s reputation rests upon. Full-time and part-time training programs are offered in Mount Kisco, and application forms are available online.


Nurturing a Zen-like Culture of Deep Commitment And Rewards

When students visit the campus for interviews and tours, they may be a bit anxious when they first arrive but after an hour onsite, they experience a feeling of peace and relaxation. “Students tell us they love the atmosphere here. That’s important to us because we have consciously worked to create a stress-free environment that’s also conducive for learning,” says Kira Morris-Schaffer, director of admissions at FLSM. “We like to keep the Zen feeling throughout our campus.”

The course of study recognizes students as individual learners. FLSM instructors accommodate students through various methods of learning techniques, including auditory, kinesthetic or hands-on, and visual learning. The school offers personal attention in smaller classroom settings, creating a one-on-one personable experience. Some students are fresh out of high school; others have not attended school for more than 30 years. Many students graduate to add massage therapy to their current skill set in related fields such as yoga, Pilates, occupational therapy and personal training. Others simply want to make a career change and learn something new. Since many of the teachers are also alumni of the school—and/or have 15 to 20 years of experience working in the field—they are able to hone in on the craft and dedication required to become an outstanding licensed massage therapist.

The vocational school is fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). In New York State, massage therapists are required to complete 1,000 hours of study in order to become licensed: Upon graduation, FLSM students are equipped and eligible to sit for the Federation for State Massage Therapy Board’s (FSMTB) MBLEX exam. This exam allows graduates to practice massage in 41 states. Ultimately, students who attend the FLSM program can differentiate themselves and sit for the New York State Board’s exam, which allows for NYS licensure.

Classes cover hands-on massage and scientific modalities in manageable segments, so students have the opportunity to integrate many areas of focus—such as Swedish massage, energy palpation, reflexology, Shiatsu and specialized fields including medical, sports, pregnancy, neuromuscular, oncology massage and others—with a firm grasp of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. These scientific modalities emphasize the relationships among muscles, tissues, ligaments and bones.

“It’s a demanding program and students are committed here,” says Morris-Schaffer. “We have an open door policy and always welcome students to come in and talk with us. Our faculty and staff are always available to guide students in the right direction. There’s a lot to study, retain and learn, and 93 percent of our graduates get a passing rate on the Boards,” she concludes.


Job Placement Services and Alumni Advice

Students are prepared for careers in massage therapy through a holistic course of study that draws upon both scientific and intuitive approaches to healing and self-care. Career paths for massage therapists are varied, with meaningful opportunities in many distinct realms.

Graduates are prepared to start working right after they complete the training program. Many find themselves working at a wellness facility or spa such as those operated nationwide by Hand & Stone, Elements and other large employers. Others desire and prefer to open their own business or practice. Graduates also find employment working at a health club or gym (Equinox is one example) or perform massage therapy within the medical field or healthcare. Within the latter category, many students are drawn to specialties such as oncology massage or working in the pregnancy and birth community, or to positions in physical therapy departments at hospitals or working with outpatients who have undergone surgery.

Morris-Schaffer says assisting students with job placement is a lynchpin of what makes the school a good choice. “Our Student Career Services staff work one-on-one with students to assist them to find the best placement, and we also host career fairs when owner/directors from spas come to speak with our students about opportunities within the field as well as specifically with their companies,” she adds. “Due to our partnership with Hand & Stone, representatives come to our campus regularly to inform students about opportunities in the field and with their company. Our students are given the opportunity to have an interview with Hand & Stone, either onsite or here at the school, and other widely known spas, such as Oasis and Massage Envy, are also quite accessible to our students. We maintain job listings on our website from hundreds of employers because sometimes, after working as a massage therapist for a few years, alumni want to explore a change in direction, like working in a healthcare setting versus a spa.” Job placement support is accessible to graduates throughout their entire career.

FLSM students are treated with an alumni panel towards the end of the school’s training program. The alumni panel features five or six graduates who talk with students about their experiences in the field and offer advice based on real life working situations. “It’s a great way for our students to get advice and learn about the job market that awaits them upon graduation,” says Morris-Schaffer.


Advantages of Studying Massage in Mount Kisco

Students who are comparison shopping for a massage school often choose Finger Lakes School of Massage because of their holistic environment, lower tuition fees, the length of the program—which may be completed within a fast-paced eight-month time frame, versus other schools that require two years of study—and the resources offered to alumni. “Our alumni love to talk about our culture, our instructors and our faculty, and recommend our training program for its culture and environment. We help our students all the way through, starting with the admissions process all the way through their last stages of study,” she adds. “We’re very friendly, and pride ourselves on the advantages we offer to our students.”


For more information about programs beginning in Mount Kisco in September and every five-to-six-weeks thereafter, please visit and get started today!


Finger Lakes School of Massage
272 North Bedford Road
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
Phone: (914) 241-7363






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