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Ban Boredom with Pretzl.com

You’ve got the whole day to have fun with your kids, and your mind is reeling with thoughts of all Instagram-able joy you’ll capture on their smiling faces. The togetherness! The memories you’ll make! The skills you’ll learn! The bonding! 

There’s just one problem: You have no idea what to do, and if you don’t think of something fast, you’ll lose them to Minecraft. Competing with an iPad means you need something stronger than “I guess we can go to the park. Again.” 

The Westchester-area is brimming with fun activities for families, but how can you find those things if you don’t even know they exist? 


Enter Pretzl.com.


Pretzl is like your secret weapon in the war on boredom. Or like that one-really-plugged-in-friend who knows all the great stuff and doesn’t mind sharing—if that friend is available 24/7, never wrong and has the knowledge of a 1,000 people.

Pretzl activities include martial arts, archery, architecture, mommy and me, STEM classes, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, Irish dance, rock climbing, sailing, circus performance, filmmaking, cheerleading and more. 

But Pretzl is no mere data-dump of random kid events.

Pretzl is designed to find the perfect activity—for you and your kid. Start with an activity, interest or location, and you’ll immediately get a list of great options. Then you can narrow the list by your child’s age, a set distance from your home or work, price, your own calendar and more.

For example, you want Tuesday soccer classes for 10 year-olds within five miles of your home in Scarsdale. Presto! You’ve got five options that meet your exact specifications.

What really makes Pretzl special is that you aren’t limited to searching through a simple list of activities.

Whatever is that thing that makes your kid’s eyes light up, type it in the search bar. Like a sewing class where kids get to make their own Harry Potter costumes. (Yes! That’s a real thing!) 

Got a kid obsessed with slime? Just type “Slime” into the search box, and you’ll have a choice of slime-y events. For a preteen in love with Ant Man, search for “Superheroes,” then add “Arts and Crafts,” and you’ll get lessons in superhero cartoon drawing and digital manga.

Of course, “Dinosaurs” will find dinosaur-themed summer camps and Junior Paleontologist STEAM days. If your kid is a budding fashion designer, search “Fashion” on Pretzl and pull up a list of make-your-own clothing workshops, courses and drop-in events, offered for a range of ages.

Once you’ve found the perfect choice, you can book the class right then and there. Booking is as easy as making a restaurant reservation, and you’ll even find information on passes and discounts right on Pretzl. (And Pretzl will keep you informed of holiday and weather-related closings, if the need should arise.) Plus, you can keep your kids’ schedules organized conveniently in one place—and there are never any booking or membership fees.

Just one website, a few clicks, and you’re done.

And new activities are always being added, so you can keep coming back to Pretzl, again and again. 

Parenting is hard enough. Let Pretzl make it easier. 

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