Improve your vision and your look

Rye Eye Associates

Men often reach a point in life when they want to look younger or want to make a change in their appearance. Droopy eyelids, for example, due to excessive skin on the upper eyelids can result in a tired look or even impact vision making it more difficult to see clearly. Many men are not even aware that these problems can be corrected and may suffer unnecessarily. Through surgery in which we meticulously remove excess skin and fat deposits, we are able to not only improve your vision and eye function, but also help you look and feel younger. The procedure is performed in our in-house surgical suite with a board-certified anesthesiologist. We also follow each patient closely during the recovery time.


Ameet Goyal, MD
Rye Eye Associates

167 Purchase St


Mount Kisco Eye Associates
69 S Moger Ave
Mount Kisco  


Greenwich Eye Associates             
4 Dearfield Dr, Suite G1
Greenwich, CT  

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