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How to Look Absolutely Stunning in Your Shoes
(Minus the Discomfort)

Whether you’re dressing up for an art opening or planning an outfit for a wedding, you’re excited for a chance to look your best. But you’re also probably dreading the foot pain that inevitably follows whenever you dress up in high heels. You’re not alone. 61 percent of women suffer from foot pain, often because of poorly fitting shoes.

Is it necessary to sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa? In the past, the answer, sadly, was “yes.” Something had to give. But there’s a new, remarkable solution advocated by Dr. Bruce Pinker, founder of Dr. D-LuCS (Doctor Designed Luxury Custom Shoes).

Dr. Pinker, managing partner of Progressive Foot Care, a well-established foot and ankle surgery and podiatric medicine practice serving Westchester and Rockland, developed Dr. D-LuCS as a result of treating his patients over many years. He recognized that while women obviously don’t want foot and ankle pain, they also want to dazzle and feel beautiful in their shoes. Dr. D-LuCS uses cutting-edge medical technology to create bespoke footwear, tailored to your specifications and stylish enough to give runway designers a run for their money.

How, Exactly, Do You Create a Beautiful Shoe That’s Also Really, Really Comfortable?

The “secret recipe” is amazing and unique. First, Dr. Pinker and his team conduct a Computerized Scientific Gait Investigation (CSGI). The CSGI uses precision software to map out pressure points on your feet when you stand and move. This helps to build a blueprint for comfortable shoes, which allows the Dr. D-LuCS team to create custom orthotics that balance out the forces on your feet and ankles.

Next, the team performs a thorough Biomechanical Evaluation of the foot and ankle to examine muscle and joint health and search for possible medical issues, such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. A Fluroscopic Radiographic Evaluation takes the analysis even deeper, studying bone, soft tissue, and cartilage, searching for subtle structural distinctions between the feet. Finally, Dr. Pinker uses a Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation to pinpoint concerns, such as inflammation and swelling. Progressive Foot Care uses these diagnostic tools to help patients with foot and ankle related medical conditions.

Following the special analysis, a custom cast of your feet is created to prepare you for the design phase.

And Now, for the Fun Part!

In the Dr. D-LuCS process, you choose your color, materials and design preferences, and the shoes are built to order based on your very specific needs. The style can be au courant or a timeless classic, wherever your fantasy takes you. Dr. Pinker works with you one-on-one throughout the design phase, while you enjoy a whirlpool foot bath followed by a foot massage. It’s a relaxing and empowering experience!

Secrets to a Cinderella Fit

University of Sheffield researchers recently unearthed the secrets to a “great shoe,” which must meet four key needs:

1. It feels comfortable and protects your feet.
2. It reflects your style and identity.
3. It’s right for the occasion.
4. It’s socially appropriate.

Dr. D-LuCS meets all these qualifications by offering a tested formula for creating the ideal shoe—comfortable, stylish, appropriate for the occasion, and socially preferred!

Ready to treat yourself (and your feet) to high fashion and comfort? Call Dr. D-LuCS to set up a complimentary consultation!

Dr. Bruce Pinker is a foot and ankle surgeon and Board Certified Podiatrist, who was educated at New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed an internship at Eneslow Pedorthic Institute in New York City. He founded Dr. D-LuCS, the Doctor Designed Luxury Custom Shoe company, to serve clients in Westchester and Rockland Counties, the surrounding Hudson Valley region and New York City.

Each year, Dr. Pinker donates to local charities – most notably as the proud sponsor of the Progressive Foot Care Annual Holiday Shoe Drive for the Homeless – and through a yearly donation of five percent of all sales from Dr. D-LuCS to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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