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Caryn Cosentini

Six Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship—With Your Bank

Make sure you’re in a dedicated relationship with someone who has your best interests at heart—your private banker.

"It's important that you have your own relationship manager who is experienced with high net-worth individuals and is backed by a team of specialists," says Caryn Cosentini, describing the type of banker-client arrangement that is available where she works, at Webster Private Bank in White Plains, N.Y.

The banking experts at Webster Private Bank have helped identify six signs that let you know you're in the right relationship with your banker:

1. You really know one another. Webster Private Bank offers all of the products and services of much larger banks, but also becomes an expert in you—embracing where you are now and what your financial and personal goals may be.

2. You know we are looking out for your best interests. The relationship is based on more than just seeking the highest return. Webster Private Bank manages your risk through planning, cash-flow modeling, asset allocation, and an investment strategy tailored to you.

3. You have plenty of support. Your private banker will bring in trusted experts in diverse areas such as investments, portfolio management, planning, lending to trusts, and LLCs. After all, no one wants to be in a relationship with a person who thinks they know it all.

4. It’s a personal, local relationship. Your private banker is knowledgeable about not just you and your goals, but also the local commercial market, creating a seamless connection whether you want to invest in a local business or turn your dream into a start-up.

5. You feel at home with one another. And that includes residential mortgage products for first, second, or third homes, and construction loans to create your dream home.

6. It’s a relationship that leaves you stronger. From structuring a tailored loan for an art collector to finding a fund manager who can offer exchange-traded funds that are more price-effective, Webster Private Bank believes in living up to you, because “what matters most to you is what matters most to us.”

“Your private banker can put every aspect of your life into a spreadsheet,” Cosentini says. "But, at Webster, we never forget that behind all of those numbers is a person, and we make sure that the numbers on that sheet sum up the life you want to live.”

To learn more or begin a relationship with your Webster Private Banker, contact Caryn Cosentini at 914-298-2562 or ccosentini@websterbank.com; or visit us at www.WebsterBank.com/privatebank.

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