Retired Greenburgh Police Officer Shot Twice By Alledged Would-Be Burglars Near Neighbor’s Home

Peter Schmidt Sr. was shot twice, remains in stable condition.


A retired Greenburgh police officer was shot twice Monday afternoon after confronting alleged burglars in a neighbor’s house near his residence on Payne Road in Elmsford, according to Greenburgh police officials.

Police Chief Chris McNerney said that the victim, Peter Schmidt Sr., intervened when he noticed activity near his neighbor’s house, which he knew was unoccupied at the time. Upon confronting the two men he saw, Schmidt was shot once in the arm and once in the torso.

Schmidt’s son, Peter Schmidt Jr., an active Greenburgh police officer, arrived at the scene and saw two men leaving in a blue BMW. Schmidt Jr. was off duty at the time, so he called in the license plate number to local police. Shortly after, Yonkers police pulled over the vehicle on the Sprain Brook Parkway, where the suspects were arrested.

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“This is an example of an outstanding and brave act by retired officer Peter Schmidt Sr. and his son, police officer Peter Schmidt Jr.,” said McNerney.

Police are continuing to look for the firearm used in the shooting, which remains unaccounted for.

Schmidt Sr., was taken to Westchester Medical Center, where he remains in stable condition. 



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