Make Let’s Go Trivia Your Next Weeknight Outing

Settling tie-breakers with a round of “Rock ’Em Sock ‘Em" sounds pretty fun, right?


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Garry Leavy was working as a bartender at Gleason’s in Peekskill when he began their Wednesday night trivia. Leavy wrote every Wednesday’s fifty-question, general knowledge gauntlet himself, and hosted it each week. As it grew in popularity, Leavy began pitching his quiz to other venues. In 2016 he added a new major venue in the Captain Lawrence Brewery, and Let’s Go Trivia was officially born.

The set-up is classic: five themed rounds of ten questions apiece, no phones, no hints, and prizes for the top score in each round as well as the night’s overall winners. A few flourishes bring a unique edge to Let’s Go Trivia, like a “Final Jeopardy!” style wager for the last question of the evening. Oh, and tie-breakers are decided not with brains, but brawn: a winner-take-all match of “Rock ’Em Sock ‘Em.”

The other largely defining aspect of Let’s Go Trivia is its focus on league play. While any and all are welcome on trivia night, regulars are encouraged to return to their venues for up to ten weeks of ongoing scoring. With close to thirty different venues competing, the league culminates in North and South Division matches between the top-scoring teams from each venue, to see who is the brainiest of brainiacs. Most recently, North Division champions were crowned at 6 Degrees of Separation in Ossining, while Eastchester’s Mickey Spillane's hosted the Southern Division Champs.

“The locations donate prizes for the finals,” Leavy says. “Everything from gift cards to t-shirts and growlers!”

Who doesn't love free beer and bragging rights? Competitors can find a full list of venue locations with times and dates online, and even check their current league scores. Bar owners looking to get in on the actions should reach out as well.

Let’s Go Trivia


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