With New LED Lights, Yonkers Looks To Save Money And Reduce Energy Use

The City of Yonkers is ready to save big money by going green.


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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano on Tuesday announced the completion of the city's project to replace 11,300 streetlight heads with ones with environmentally friendly, energy saving LED arrays.

“Sustainability makes sense, for the City’s bottom line and the taxpayers’ too,” Spano said. “Replacing the old inefficient streetlights will not only make our city greener, it will lead to significant energy savings year after year after year.”

The effort is estimated to save over $18 million in energy costs over the next ten years. The project, contracted to Lumen Light Solutions, was announced as part of the city's overall sustainability plan—Yonkers Green City—that aims to save the city more than $2 million in energy costs annually and reduce its carbon footprint by ten percent. The completion comes as Yonkers undertakes a variety of revitalization projects, which you can read about in our Yonkers Downtown Redux feature.

“The City of Yonkers is leading by example,” Spano said of the LED replacements. “Energy-saving improvements like LED lights are a common sense way to cut costs and protect the environment at the same time.”

The changeover to LED lights, which are free of lead, mercury, and other hazardous substances, is one that’s drawn support from other city leaders as well.

“For Yonkers residents this is another example of how our city continues to find cost saving measures which reduce the tax burden on our homeowners,” Yonkers City Council Majority Leader John Larkin (R) said.

According to a city press release, the project was awarded the New York State Conference of Mayors’ Local Government Achievement Award, and was "recognized as an 'Anchor Project' by New York State’s Climate Smart Communities program."

Watch Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announce the LED retrofitting effort in the video below.



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