Hillary No Longer Sick Or In Chappaqua

The previously ailing Presidential nom has left the estate


Come back any time now, Hillary, ya hear?

Photo: @2016 Google

When Hillary Clinton prematurely departed last Sunday's 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York City after visibly struggling with symptoms of pneumonia, she first retreated to her daughter's Manhattan apartment, but shortly thereafter convalesced at her home here in Chappaqua.

No matter our partisan leanings, we were all sympathetic to the Democratic Presidential nominee's illness and anxious to see her back on the campaign trail. Still, a small part of us enjoyed having her back among the Westchesterite masses, even if briefly and while laid up in bed under the care of Mt. Kisco-based Lisa R. Bardack, MD. Things just always feel a bit more presidential, or at least senatorial, or secretary-ish, when the former Ms. Rodham is in our midst. 

Alas, as of yesterday, Dr. Barack issued what amounts to a clean bill of health for the woman-who-may-or-may-not-defeat-Donald Trump, and as of today, she's already out stumping down south in North Carolina. But somewhere inside the gates of a fine estate on Old House Lane, a bed where the potential first female leader of the free world recently lay sits, unoccupied, much like the undetermined seat of President-Elect itself. 



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