Hillary Clinton Holds Book Signing In Chappaqua

Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton returned to Westchester on Sunday for a book signing event to promote her new memoir “Hard Choices.”


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Former Secretary of State, US senator, and First Lady Hillary Clinton swung by the county to sign copies of her latest book, Hard Choices, in Chappaqua—where she owns a home—on Sunday.

The event, held at the Chappaqua library, was co-sponsored by The Village Bookstore and Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Clinton’s book. The potential 2016 presidential candidate drew supporters, who donned stickers from the organization Ready for Hillary, as well as a few protestors, who waved signs and displayed a drone model. 

The director of the Chappaqua library Pamela Thornton said the 1,200 attendees were thrilled to meet the author.

“It was a wonderful event. It was positive, it was exciting. People were so happy and appreciative to meet Mrs. Clinton and get a signed book,” said Thornton.

The Village Bookstore also sponsored a signing for Bill Clinton’s book “Back to Work” at the Chappaqua library in 2011. The store’s owner, Ron Solomon, was eager to organize a signing for Mrs. Clinton after the popularity of the first event.

“It’s a major public event and it’s a thrill to be apart of it,” said Solomon. He added that although security was heightened, the Secret Service did not interfere with the event.

“They’re very professional. As a book seller, when you have tens of thousands of dollars worth of your own inventory standing around, you want all the security you can get,” said Solomon.

The Clintons’ have lived in Chappaqua since 1999, when Hillary began to launch her successful Senate campaign. Thornton said despite the media attention that surrounded the event, Clinton was welcomed the same way any other Westchester author would be.

“She’s a local author. Any local author we have events for, or any kind of author like that. We appreciate them thinking of us and we love to have those signings,” said Thornton.

Clinton’s book, a memoir about the challenges she faced during her four years as Secretary of State, was released on June 10 and is a #1 New York Times Best Seller.  



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