You Just Might Love Living in This Elegant Dome-icile

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like dome.


Photos courtesy of Deanna and Bruce Nelkin

Location: 25 Hillside Ave., Pleasantville

Description: Built in 2003, this architectural outlier is a spacious, naturally lit marvel of engineering. Boasting between its two adjoined 30 and 48-foot domes two full and two half-baths, as well as three bedrooms, garage, and plenty of extra office and storage space. The kitchen sports cherry wood cabinets and granite counters, and even a robust butler’s pantry linking the two structures. In the master suite you’ll find a Jacuzzi-style tub, steam shower, and even a bidet! A great room is furnished with hardwood floors and fireplace, while skylights offer a breathtaking view up and through the cathedral ceiling of the main dome.

Asking price: Though owner Deanna Nelkin told us in 2010 that they might consider moving for $10 million, she and her husband Bruce have since revised that number to a much more marketable $1,555,500. (Recently reduced by almost $40,000!)

Selling Point: A geodesic dome is remarkably sturdy: it’s shape is essentially earthquake, tornado, hurricane, termite, and fire-proof (depending on your culinary skills), and is incredibly well insulated — plus it’s passive solar, lowering your heating and air conditioning bills while staying perfectly comfortable. Add to that an artisanal well with two 119-gallon storage tanks and this home is ideal for everyone from doomsday preppers and budding off-gridders to anyone just looking for a cool home that’s 50% more energy efficient than the average.

Downside: Deanna admitted that while the lack of load-bearing beams is great for easily renovating spaces, drywalling is a bit of a hassle when all your walls are triangles. Also, you’re probably going to be in for a lot of Pauly Shore jokes.



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